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Saturday, February 16, 2013

We All Need Grace

God's grace flows to those willing to receive it. He gives his grace freely and willingly, lavishly even, to all.

You and I can choose to carry that grace to those in our lives and so be blessed in our obedience and willing participation with His grace.

Or, we can choose unforgiveness.

Ethan and friends holding back the tide
Holding on to bitterness just puts us at odds with God, like building a wall of sand on the beach, hoping to keep back the ocean. God's grace is an ocean and our unforgiveness can't hold it back.

Unforgiveness can't stop someone from receiving God's grace, but it can stop us from enjoying the blessings that God has for us. Trust God to dole out grace to those He will.

And... if they are willing to receive it, rejoice with them. It may seem impossible right now, but think about it, how could someone receiving God's grace be a bad thing. It may not be fair, but the cross teaches us that fair isn't what we need or want. We all need grace.

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