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Thursday, April 4, 2013

You Might be in an Evangelical Christian Bubble if... My Top 15

Just for the record, I am not a redneck. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against rednecks. In fact, some of my friends are rednecks.

I don't know much about being a redneck, but channeling my inner Jeff Foxworthy, I decided to write a light-hearted look at the evangelical Christian subculture.

If you have any doubt whether you might be living in this sometimes bizarre cultural bubble...

You might be living in an Evangelical Christian bubble if you have ever...

15 - Said, "Happy Resurrection Day!"

14 - Worn a wristband that said, "What Would Jesus Do?"

13 - Had a debate about whether the Pope is the Anti-Christ.

12 - Owned multiple copies of the Bible, some with profound insights and others with down-to-earth real-life applications (and don't read any of them).

11 - Wondered if your favorite celebrity is "really" a Christian.

10 - Gotten one of those awkward side hugs.

9 - Prayed "for traveling mercies," "for everyone whose sick to feel better," or the intriguing, "unspoken" request.

8 - Kept quiet because you were afraid of being judged for how you really felt about an issue. 

7 - Felt pressured to invite your friends to youth group or church, but decided not to because you thought they wouldn't be welcomed.

6 - Sung a 7-11 song, (a song with 7 words that you repeat 11 times).

5 - Had a mental top ten list of the "worst" sins (smoking, having sex, drinking beer, homosexuality, abortion...).

4 - Been advised to "love the sinner, hate the sin" or told "all things work together for good" or my personal favorite, counseled that "you should definitely pray about that."

3 - Had an "accountability partner", (in other cultures, these are referred to as "friends").

2 - Put on a fake smile when you entered the church.

1 - Used "Christian" as an adjective to describe a T-shirt.

HINT: If you were offended by something on this list, you are definitely in the bubble. Being offended by other people's views is very bubblish. But, if you felt proud that some of them don't describe you because you are more enlightened than that, then you too may be in the bubble. Spiritual pride is definitely a characteristic of the bubble.

If you can't imagine anyone ever believing some of that stuff, then you have probably escaped unscathed.

I hope this list reminds us all to laugh at ourselves and our quirky ways.

God's grace is sufficient for us.

What things are on your list? 

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