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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Enjoy Each Moment: 9+ Reasons to Kneel

To fall to your knees is a sign of submission. It is an admission of inferiority, of weakness. When you kneel before a king, you acknowledge that you are subject to him. After a defeat in war or because of your position in life, kneeling was a sign that your life was in the hands of the one to whom you are bowing.

If you have been a Christian for some time, getting down on your knees may remind you of praying. But, for everyone else, you probably think about discomfort: scrubbing the kitchen floor, getting down to work under a car, or picking up broken glass off the tile floor. Kneeling means work.

But some of the greatest moments we have in life require us to kneel.

Here are some of the best reasons to get down on your knees.

1 - To play in the sand.

2 - To find that perfect book from the bottom shelf.

3 - To look her in the eye.

4 - To propose to your wife.

5 - To skip a rock across a pond.

6 - To wrestle.

7 - To make a new friend.

8 -To get just the right angle.

9 - To play with your Buddy.

And, as I mentioned before, to pray and to thank God for the ability to get back up again.

When we kneel down to enjoy the moment, we slow down and are reminded of what makes this life worth living. 

If we can remember the love that caused us to get down on our knees in the first place, we will remember why we need to get up and keep going.

Life is good. Enjoy each moment.

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